Derived from Industrial Hemp and legal as per 2018 Farm Bill.

Theses Delta 8 gummies containe 25 mg of Delta 8 per gummy.

20 gummies per container.

Delta 8 Gummy

  • Theses gummies are derived from Industrial Hemp, through the process of isomerization.  The effect of Delta 8 is considered the kissing cousin to Delta 9.  The difference between the two comes in the placement of one carbon chain difference, because of the placement of the chemical bond, which is one step over from where it sits in delta-9, it allows Delta-8 to have similar effects.

    Delta-8 can be psychoactive for some consumers, just less then delta-9.

    Delta-8 is an excellent choice to add to your CBD routine to enable you to recieve the entire entourage effect. 

    Much like CBD and delta-9, delta-8 helps in relaxation, focus, and reported reduction in pain sensation.